April 21, 2016

Soft-Copy-New-Album-2016-v3Dust is a collection of songs and jams from 2015-2016, and our final release. Thanks to all of our friends and fans for supporting us for the past 10 years.
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Beach Holiday

April 11, 2014

Soft-Copy---Beach-Holiday-1600pxTake a listen to our Beach Holiday: a delight of pulsating drum machine rock music. Listen over at Soundcloud and Bandcamp, or buy it over at iTunes or stream on Apple Music.

Andrew McAllister: Guitars, Bass, Drum programming.
Matt Webb: Bass, Drum programming.
Thanks to John McArdle and Paul Boddum for their contributions.
Recorded at 660 Richmond and at home in Winter 2014.

Home Invasion

August 21, 2013


March 3, 2013

Take a listen to our latest EP over at Soundcloud and Bandcamp: Accidents. Up on iTunes at the end of the week. Recorded at 660 Richmond in January of 2012 with Boddum (drums), McAllister (guitars, vocals) and Webb (bass).

Take a listen to Not Thinking:





November 5, 2011

Released November 5, 2011
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  1. Brutes
  2. Detente
  3. Beggars and Choosers

Cover image by Emer O’Brien.

Vicious Modernism

January 30, 2011

Released January 30, 2010
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    1. Hot Cakes [audio]
    2. Extracurricular [audio]
    3. Bad Wiring
    4. First Date
    5. Public School
    6. Unfriend
    7. Well Read
    8. Domestic Policy
    9. Tequila Thursday
    10. No Problem
    11. Evil

Wolf, Wolves and More Wolves

January 18, 2010

Released 2006
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  1. Indie Hash
  2. Pan American
  3. In My Pocket
  4. Anti-Hero
  5. Stella Only [audio]
  6. Computer Says No
  7. In the Summer
  8. On the Outside
  9. I, Faker
  10. Hope, BC [audio]